ROSE RUN SYDNEY, 3, 1:55.1s, $420,783, by Triumphant Caviar, out of Stonebridge Dancer, won the 2017 3-year-old Trotting Filly of the Year, as well as 2017 HORSE OF THE YEAR. In the past 20 years, Rose Run Farm has produced many Champions.
Some of these Champions include:
  • ROSE RUN SPANKY - 3, Q1:56.2F ($227,545), OHSS Champ
  • CARRY THE OAK - 3,1:58.2H; 4,1:56.2S ($307,073)
  • ROSE RUN ELVIS - 3,1:56.1F; 6,1:54.1S ($252,409)
  • ROSE RUN HOOLIGAN - 2,1:58.0F; 8,1:52.3M ($1,065,823)
  • WEGOFERDAPRIZE - 3, 1:55.2F ($256,882), OHSS Champ
  • ROSE RUN KEEPSAKE - 2,1:57.2; 3,1:54.0F; 4,1:52.1S ($436,569)
  • ROSE RUN NELLIE - 3,1:57.1F; 5,1:55.3F ($240,732)
  • ROSE RUN PARKER - 2,1:57.0S; 3,1:53.4S; 5,1:50.4M ($891,050)
Rose Run Farm, located in Sugarcreek, Ohio, began their operations in 1995. They specialize in horse breeding and boarding with an emphasis on Standardbreds.
At 3, AND AWAY WE GO was a New York Sires Stakes Champion.  Trained by Julie Miller and driven by Andy Miller, he won 3 New York Sires Stakes in-a-row.  The first two at Yonkers Raceway, and then at Vernon Downs where he raced for $175,000 and earned his lifetime mark.

AND AWAY WE GO's dam, CREAM PUFF, sold at the Harrisburg sale in 2011 for $120,000.  She is a sister to Dan Patch Award-winner PIZZA DOLCE and stakes-winner MARS BAR.  CREAM PUFF is also the dam of champion CREAMY MIMI. SHIPPED SEMEN AVAILABLE.

221 Hillside Drive SE
Sugarcreek, Ohio 44681
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  1. The mare is booked specifically by name and the booking may not be transferred to another mare without the prior written consent of Rose Run Farm.
  2. Rose Run Farm, its agents, employees and the owners of the Stallion shall not be liable for injury, death or disability suffered by any animal from any cause whatsoever, while in its custody and the Owner specifically assents to such condition and waives each and every claim for damages resulting from any such injury, death or disability.
  3. The service fee is due and payable when the mare has a live foal or ownership thereof changes, whichever comes first. A 1 1/2% monthly service charge will be added to any balance over 30 days. A live foal is one that is able to stand up and suckle. If the mare fails to produce a live foal, a service fee paid in advance will be refunded upon receipt of a certificate from a veterinarian stating specifically that the mare has been pronounced barren after leaving Rose Run Farm or has slipped her foal or has given birth to a dead foal, in which event the certificate must be presented to Rose Run Farm no later than thirty (30) days after foaling. In the event of a slipped foal, a service fee will be refunded only if the mare had at least two vaccinations during pregnancy for Equine Rhino pneumonitis (Contagious abortion). Unless such vaccinations were given at Rose Run Farm, a veterinarian’s statement giving the date of such vaccinations must accompany the claim for refund. In the event the mare is sold, the service fee if unpaid shall immediately become due and payable and no refund shall be due from Rose Run Farm unless such refund was guaranteed by it in writing prior to her sale.
  4. All charges, including transportation, veterinary fees, board, etc., are due and payable monthly to Rose Run Farm, by the owner of the mare within fifteen (15) days after receipt of the monthly statement. A 1 1/2% monthly service charge will be added to any balance over thirty (30) days. Rose Run Farm may, at its option, require that any outstanding amount be paid to it before the mare is removed from the Farm, or before the mating certificate is issued.
  5. In the event the Stallion shall die, be removed from the Farm, or in any way become unfit for service before serving the mare, or if the mare should die or otherwise become unfit to be bred, then this contract is and shall be null and void.
  6. Rose Run Farm reserves the right to reject any mare not in good condition or one that is vicious or unmanageable or not standard and registered by The United States Trotting Association. No barren mare or one foaled under suspicious circumstances will be bred until she is cultured and found free of any genital tract infection. After said tests are made the necessary time for completion will have to be allowed. No blind mares accepted.
  7. The mare must have proof of a negative Coggins Test for Equine Infectious Anemia (swamp fever). A certificate that the mare was tested within 30 days prior to her arrival at the Farm must accompany the mare.
  9. The opening and dosing dates of the breeding seasons are determined solely by the Farm.

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